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Friends! You have opened the presentation page of the binaryPRO indicator, created for English-speaking clients. To automatically translate the site into other languages, use Google Chrome browser.

If you are trading:
binary options
crypto-currencies (Bitcoin, etc.)
CFD: stocks, indices, commodity markets: oil, gold, etc.

Then our offer is for you. For this, right now download the archive for free (Archive file without a virus. Results of on-line scanning)(archive mirror: download here. Archive file without a virus. Results of on-line scanning) with our binaryPRO indicator and customized templates for trading. For lifetime activation of the indicator, we charge a one-time payment of $10. This offer is relevant only for customers from all over the world, except from Russia, the CIS countries and the Baltic States. Payback is just one deal, even a mini lot. Our prices are cheaper by 10 times than those of competitors. And the quality and speed of the indicator binaryPRO at times better than others. Stop feeding your Broker, download our unique development right now. The instruction for installing, activating and paying for the binaryPRO indicator is located inside this archiveAt the end of this page you will find additional instructions for activation.

binaryPRO indicator:

  • works in the Meta Trader 4 trading platform
  • provides excellent signals for the crypto-currency market
  • accurately shows the direction and input level
  • no redrawing - rock-solid guarantee, it works as the candle closes.
  • no delay. Provision speed and quality of the signal are several times better than its competitors
  • created using the author's algorithm
  • tailored for binary options
  • successfully used for trading in the Forex market and CFD (Contract for difference: indices, stocks, commodity markets) on all timeframes and on any assets, including scalping.
  • more than 500 traders use binaryPRO indicator daily in their trade
  • serves as an absolute replacement for all trading signal services, no need to pay money for Signals anymore
  • the indicator's operability has been thoroughly tested by our customers
  • highly protected from hacking - it isn't (and won't be) in free access on the web
  • binaryPRO indicator comes with a professional training course (Trading Strategy) on technical analysis for all markets. Available only in Russian

It is recommended to use the indicator:
a) in conjunction with our Trading Strategy
b) in conjunction with your Strategy
You can use it separately on the charts, but it's highly undesirable. If you want to use it separately, the best results are shown on H4-W timeframes. For M30-H1 timeframes, you need to be very careful. For M1-M15 timeframes, the separate use without filtering incoming signals is not recommended.
c) It is highly desirable to use 1 order (transaction) during the work, and skip the remaining signals until the current transaction is closed.

Statistics of trade of the author and cadets (in Russian):


For this:

1. Download the archive with the indicator free of charge. In the archive are attached customized templates for trading. Set the indicator in MT4, according to the video instruction.

2. Make payment according to the details specified in the instruction.

3. Get a lifetime activation of the indicator, according to the attached video instruction (inside the archive file).

Write to our e-mail: and indicate your Surname, NAME, and ID of the indicator (see the video tutorial on the installation), the payment method - payment system, the date and time. Please provide a scanned copy or a photograph of the check if you did not include your name and surname in the note during the payment. Without confirmation of your payment, activation is not granted until we know the authenticity of the person who sent the payment. A refund is provided when the indicator refuses to work for technical reasons, after providing the screenshot.

Without binaryPRO ID indicator it is impossible to activate!!! Do not forget to mention in the letter! We are responsible for 24 hours, as a rule.

4. Enjoy! Activation is created for 1 computer. You can set the binaryPRO indicator on MT4 from any Broker within this computer: the indicator will show trading signals. Please do not forget to run MT4 every time under Admin. Ready templates work only on that timeframe for which they are configured. When switching the timeframe, it is necessary to impose a native template to get the signals. Otherwise, the shooter will not show.

Demonstration of the indicator and some trading moments:

In the bare form it is recommended to use the indicator binaryPRO starting from the timeframe H1 and higher. But very high-quality signals show when used in conjunction with our Strategy (on any timeframe), or you can use your trading strategy to filter out incoming signals.

Sell ​​only on the fan, taking into account the potential of the currency pair. The indicator will show the moment of entering the transaction. The potential of the move is determined on the basis of the levels of demand and supply of the current and senior timeframe. To trade within a day, wait for the fan to rebuild on the M1-M15 one way. They must be the same for both buying and selling. Wait until the fan is fully and correctly opened.


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